After my first 20 years spent in various countries, discovering new cultures and lifestyles has become a second nature. But living the expat life is not as easy as it seems, as it comes with many major changes for the whole family. So what’s the secret to a happy expat experience ?

The first step to a happy start anywhere is to feel good in your new expat home, right? After all, isn’t your home somewhat of an extension of yourself where you long to feel safe, surrounded by the things you love (family, friends, memories…) and grounded? It’s easier said than done as finding the right home can be quite a challenge, especially when you don’t know about the city you’re settling down in, or not that much when it comes to living there as a family.

But succeeding in your expat experience is more than finding the right home. It’s also about opening up to your environment: learning how people around you live, how they spend their leisure time, what their interests and traditions are and adapting to that as a family. The goal is not to change your way of life but quit isolating yourself in comparisons with your home-country life (all right, you can moan and criticize here and there that from time to time…) and be curious about what’s around you to take the best of both worlds! For my part, I treasure these years when I learned so much in terms of languages, cultural references and a different ways of life and this is now part of who I am. Like the Proust “madeleine”, the delicious English crumpets I sometimes have for breakfast or memorable TV series like “Cheers”, instantly remind me of those happy times… And that’s precisely what inspires me in my job !

So why am I doing this? Today, as a French Mum (of 2 boys) living in Paris for…, well since my 20s (you can’t always do the math !), it’s my turn to help other expat families settling down in Paris and give you short cuts to a happy expat experience in this wonderful city. In my blog, you’ll not only get news updates and advice on the Paris real estate market to find your Paris home (rental or acquisition) but also insight on the Paris Art de Vivre and how to enjoy it to the fullest as a family. Please feel free to post your comments and questions to which I’ll be happy to answer. Voilà! See you soon in my next post !