It’s almost the WE. But you’re not off the hook yet. You’re selling your Paris home and must razzle-dazzle your potential buyers on their visit. Easy to say, right ?

With the kids and your own agenda, this WE ritual is starting to weigh heavily on your shoulders. You need to move forward, to get offers, you need to sell.

Trouble is : how do you create the right first impression on a single visit ? How do you ignite that spark in your’ buyer’s eyes that says “this is the one” ? How do you trigger a “coup de coeur” ?

Follow me. It’s show time !

Ever see a courtship ritual ? It’s amazing ! Some fish change color, some insects vibrate, some birds even offer shiny objects to attract their female and eliminate competition. Why am I celebrating Nature ? Because it’s your answer to a successful Paris home showing (and sale down the line).

There are basically three steps to a successful home showing. Here’s how it goes.

  • Make your Paris home easy to read

Your potential buyer’s mind is busy. He’s already made the effort to come visit your apartment. Make it simple for him or her to see the value of your Paris estate, at a glance. You won’t get a second chance.

Make the home buyer’s visual impression clear: clean up and get rid of clutter. Click To Tweet

Empty those stuffed cupboards and crowded shelves. Give away, sell or throw away. Also put away all personal items (family pictures, drawings…). Make sure your Parisian home is spic and span for each viewing. You’ll pack lighter and renew your home’s energy flow.

Emphasize the sense of cleanliness by using neutral colors. In Fen Shui, white and pastel colors provide calm and relaxed environment. Don’t forget to get rid of odors like smoke or pets smells.

At this point, your buyer gets a blank slate to start from.

Look at the before/after makeover where Catherine Le Gall, interior decorator, explains how she gave a contemporary feel to an 80s living room on her blog:

                  Image courtesy of

Is your home shopper eager to see more of your home yet ? If not,

  • Give your Parisian home that “je ne sais quoi” feel

You don’t want your residence to look like a lab or a show house, right ?

What makes a place cosy chic in minutes ? Good lighting ! Notice how trendy restaurants create a warm ambiance in different areas.

Place a suspended ceiling above a table to define an intimate dining area, or single spotlights to draw attention to paintings or photographs. Use softer lighting in the bedroom for a restful ambiance. Add table lamps where you want your buyer’s eyes to go.

If you’re lucky enough to own antique furniture, show it off ! Mix antique pieces with modern furniture for a timeless elegance. Need more ideas ? Discover Claudia Strasser’s boutique on and book: The Paris Apartment.

With unique pieces of furniture, artwork and accessories for home and garden found in Paris flee markets and brocantes, she’ll help you give your living room or bedroom real personality.

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To convey a homey feel, use natural fabrics all around the house. Click To Tweet

They should be sensuous and comfortable. For example, complement the living area with a luscious rug; throw a velvety jetée and plump pillows on your sofa. In your bedroom, set your bed with heavy linen sheets and soft covers.

Where’s your home buyer now ? Probably purrrrrrring like a cat- on the inside.

  • Embark visitors on a journey they won’t forget !

If you’re selling your Paris home without an agent and doing your own showings, you’ll realize that certain buyers are just strolling. They’re “only starting their search”- so they say- or “just want to test the market”. Until, they visit your home…

Let the buyer’s imagination wonder in your apartment’s fresh flowers or plants…. Their active energy (yang) revives your home and spread a healthy and grounded feel. Prefer plants with round leaves to those with prickles, like cactus plants.

The perfect examples ?

The very popular pilea from China. for its delicate and crisp green foliage and the Sansevieria (also called mother in law’s tongue! ) from Africa, for its verticality and style. Find more ideas on Céline Apata’s lovely website

Picture courtesy of Mieke Verbijlen.

In the kitchen, present a bowl of fresh fruits- tangy oranges or bright red apples. Avoid dried plants, they give off negative vibes. If you don’t want to bother with maintenance, invest in good quality “fake” silk plants. Don’t forget to dust them regularly.

Does the apartment you own in Paris have a balcony ? A few window boxes placed strategically will turn it into a little haven. It’s a garden or terrace? Cultivate the countryside look with spectacular pieces like a Japanese maple tree or a cypress mixed with high grass and perennials. Parisian weather suits them perfectly.

Want to mesmerize the buyer’s senses ? Release natural essential oils to emphasize that soothing atmosphere with light background music.

How are your Sunday strollers now ? in love and upset about it. They didn’t see it coming…

You can attract buyers, you can get offers and you can sell.

As the saying goes, “What pleases is half sold“.

You just need to make buyers dream their story from your doorstep.

You need to erase – repair or replace- all major turn-offs that could grow into doubts or objections. Or there will be no calls back or simply no showings.

Then, make it easy for them to live fully this home showing. They should feel, taste, experience their future home.

If your home showing is successful, you’ll probably see it in their eyes before the visit is over. They’ll spell out “this is the one”. From that moment, you’ll be out of the picture and they’ll be in. It will already be their Paris home.