You’ve dreamt about renting an apartment in Paris ! La vie en rose ! C’est merveilleux ! (=wonderful !)

You know the story on the glass half full or half empty ?

The glass half full is so much more attractive, full of possibilities and positivity.

You can visualize your Paris home already, in a fancy neighborhood or a trendy arrondissement.

But seriously though, what does it take to rent an apartment in Paris ?

Is it the same rental process as in the country you’re coming from ? Do you just pick and pay ? What are the landlords’ requirements to rent an apartment in Paris ? How does it works with agencies ? How long does it take ?…

I love a full glass too. The problem is that it can make you overconfident or alter your senses.

Too often do I see expats stunned by the Paris rental process and helpless because renting an apartment in Paris is not as simple and quick as they expected.

So I thought I would set the record straight on 9 common beliefs most expats have on renting an apartment in Paris and give you an overview of what awaits you.

You’ll navigate the rental process with a clear head, from the start.

Allez, on y va ! (=Let’s go !…Got to start practicing your French!)

Here are the 9 common beliefs expats have before they start the rental process:



Your turn !

Perhaps it’s not quite what you imagined. The good news it that you now know what to expect when renting a flat in Paris.

With the right practices, navigating the rental process in Paris becomes so much easier.

Now tell me, what are the differences with the country you’re coming from Let me know in the comments !

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