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Paris realty snapshot

Paris rentals

The Paris realty market data released early in July by Century 21 reveals an overall declining trend in rental prices in France for most types of dwellings due to a weaker demand. However, in the 1st semester 2015 the tense Paris housing market is an exception with rising rental prices for 2P (1 bedroom) apartments by 2% and for 3P (2 bedroom) apartments by 6%. Average rents in Paris for studios and 4P (3 bedroom) apartments as well as all types of residences in Ile-De-France region remain stable. For the First semester 2015, Median prices per square meter in Paris (all districts included) reaches 27,08€ and 15,60€ for Ile de France.

Paris property market


Sales volumes of older apartments in Ile de France have increased by 6% from February to April 2015 according to the Notaires Paris Ile de France, delivering their figures late June.

Home property prices in April 2015 reach 7920€/sqm in Paris and 5250€/sqm in Ile de France (both representing a -2,5% drop compared with the same period in 2014). Paris realty prices should rise slightly, according to preliminary contracts of sale, in July and August to reach 7990 €/sqm, due to seasonal moves of families prior to the beginning of the school year. Zooming in on the 92 department, real estate prices amount to 5160€/sqm and continue to decline  : -2,3% for older apartments and -0,3% for houses (houses in the 92 being sold at an average price of 548 000 €).

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