How to move to your home rental in Paris easily

For expats, it’s almost a survival instinct.

In a foreign country, on “hostile” grounds, getting the right home is crucial.

Your new home isn’t just a new address. : it’s your family home base, your sanctuary for several years to come. For the new life chapter you’re writing, you expect no less from this home rental than security, comfort, and practicality. It doesn’t have to be Versailles (you could cope with thatwink) but it has to make you happy to be home. 

Easier said than done ?

I’m going to be straight with you. Yes, it’s a rocky road.

Navigating the rental process in Paris can feel like a triathlon before you even start !

You can feel disoriented in the maze of French bureaucracy, stressed out from ineffective search results, anxious from possible mistakes in the many decisions you’re taking, and confused by the information received in French (if any). Making your Parisian home base happen can be a real struggle.


Then again,… there’s option 2 : getting a clear road map and personalized advice to get there with grace…

I’m no magician but I’ve helped many expats move to Paris, happily over the years.

Take a look at what a coached couple have to say :

We really liked the questionnaire – it helped us to better understand what are the things that we are concerned with. This process of receiving info about our project was very professional and gave us a very good feeling. We were not sure what services you provide as a relocation expert before our session. Maybe you can add some info in your website about what is a relocation expert and what do you offer (like helping with the Dossier, finding apartments and looking at them with you etc). Thank you very much again, it was very helpful indeed and we will keep in touch!

Neta, Israel

Part of the solution is knowing what works for you, where you’re heading and what to do next.

Are you familiar with the rental process in France ? Are you ready to tackle the technical aspects of your relocation ? Do you speak any French ? 

I give coaching sessions to Paris expats, only a few times per year. Seats are limited : I’m opening up 10 spots. I will help expats like you figure out their way to their Paris home, according to their particular situation and needs. It’s what I do as a relocation expert and home hunter. 

I can coach you as well. If you’re interested, read on ! 

How it works 

You order your coaching session online (secured payment).

You receive a questionnaire to complete and return by mail to help me understand your needs better and personal situation.

I give you date options to choose from and we set a date for the coaching session.

I work on your personalized action plan.

I call you by skype and explain how to reach your goal. It takes 1 hour.

Bonus : after the coaching, you get a sum up by mail you can use as a road map.

At the end of your session, you know what to do, step by step. You get clear actions to follow in a personalized solution, adapted to your situation.

Who is this coaching session for ? 

This is not a magical solution. This coaching session is for expats who need guidance and are willing to do the work to reach their objective.

If you are ready to take action, don’t waste time and save your spot ! You’ll be more confident and efficient in your project and progress fast.

If you feel you need more than a coaching session, claim a seat for a kick off session here and ask for the VIP Relocation Mission to get it all done for you. 

One more thing : the advice I give applies to employees in a company based in France (you or your spouse), with a long term contract (CDI) without probation period (“sans période d’essai”). This coaching session is not for students or other types of work contracts.

How much does it cost ?

It’s cheaper than a dinner for 2 in Paris and you get personalized advice that will last much longer ! I’m charging 85 Euros (all tax included) instead of the 100 Euros  for one hour. This price will go up in the coming months so don’t wait too long to benefit from early bird prices. 


Want to talk about it first ?

If you want to get to know each other better or if you have a particular relocation problem you want to discuss, email me at [email protected]. I’ll get right back to you. You’ll know exactly what to expect and be able to make you mind accordingly.

I’m only taking 10 students for now.

You’re 100% free but you might not get this opportunity again soon. Once the spots are sold, I will take off the order button. No pressure but I wanted to let you know.

Ready to get your project on the move ?

Great ! Click on the button below.

See you on the other side !