It’s never big enough.

Your budget I mean.

Maybe you’re wondering if putting a couple of hundred euros more would make a significant difference in the your findings.

Heck, the word budget itself drives you crazy ! Keeping you finances on a leash for your dream apartment is killing you.

Stop torturing yourself !

The question you should be asking is how much rent can you afford in Paris France ? What rent prices can you expect in Paris and can you pay for it ? 

Whatever the limit, we all have a budget. But how is a rental budget really set in Paris ?

Can you submit your tenant application to anything that tickles your fancy ?

How much rent can you afford in Paris France is really a key questions in your home hunting. 

If you want to prove that you are a reliable tenant, this is one question you should answer correctly. If you don’t want to loose your credibility with agencies and landlords, you need to understand a few rules in France. 

In this video, I’ll explain how to build your rental budget to comply with agencies/landlords requirements and what you can expect to rent with this defined budget. You’ll be done with the guessing game and know just how much rent you can afford in Paris. 

Let’s dive in here !


Your turn !

Time to set your budget ! It is a bit of a bore but it’s for your own good. The goal is that you don’t end up struggling to pay your rent every month. Once you know all the expenses you need to pay, you’ll be free to treat yourself for some extras now and then and be able to sleep at night !

Now tell me, did you expect these prices from the Paris rental market ?

Let me know in the comments !

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