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Camelia was very helpful when I was moving to Paris and needed help from a native French speaker (and bureaucracy navigation expert!) to arrange my move in to my apartment, have utilities switched on, and other essentials. She was able to help from a distance before I arrived too, so my first days here were super-easy. Absolutely recommend Happy Place Paris and Camelia’s services !

Jacqui, USA

I live in the USA, but I am French, and I was dreaming to have my own little nest in Paris. Once this dream place bought, I found myself stuck in the USA, and had no way to monitor the transition, dealing with the seller, and all the administrative and practical aspects involved when you buy a new apartment. Camelia Pierre has been the angel overlooking over the whole transition period. She always found the time and the availability to solve problems with an unchanging kindness and reliability. When I arrived in Paris, here she was to open the door, and I discovered my home clean and ready, with some complimentary lovely roses, on top of all the good things she had done before, with her beautiful eyes and her lovely smile.Thank you Camélia

Adelaide, USA

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