You know relocating is intense.

There’s no turning back either.

You sent your resignation to boss, you cancelled the kid’s school application for next year, you threw a huge going away party. Now you have a list of friends who can’t wait to come see you in Paris and kids you canNOT disappoint.

At this point, you have loads of questions on your mind about renting your next home in Paris.


Are you struggling with these issues ? Are you asking yourself…

  • Where should I live in Paris ?
  • What should I start with ?
  • How to pay a reasonable price for my rental ?
  • How long does it take to find a place ?
  • What do agencies and landlords require from tenants ?
  • Should I put my kids into state schools or private schools ?
  • How can I avoid being ripped off ? …

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re like 90% of the expats I help in their relocation to Paris.

Now, what if I told you your relocation to Paris can be so much easier ?

What if I showed you the method I use to get my expats settled in their happy place in Paris and how you can get the same results with the personalized coaching program that I created without going through this struggle ?

Your one-to-one coaching program to Your happy place in Paris

Expat in Paris, I too felt empty, stunned and overwhelmed when I had to let go of my old life and build a new one here.

Looking back, what I really needed was a road map to know what to do next, an action plan to keep me on track and support when I felt lost.

Today, as a relocation expert and buyer’s agent, I help expats find their way to their Parisian happy place.

I created a personalized coaching program to show you, step by step, how to navigate through the rental process up to your home installation in Paris, even if you don’t know Paris (so much) and you are not fluent in French, well “juste un peu” 🙂 

Take a look at what expats I helped have to say

I literally could not have done it without her ! Camelia was absolutely amazing in accompanying me through my latest home move within Paris. As a busy professional and expat, with let’s say more than a few strict criteria that i wouldn’t budge from ;), Camelia found me the perfect place and helped me with all of the details of the move. She went above and beyond, being such a great support and advisor. The move could not have gone more smoothly and her professionalism and positive can-do attitude made it much less daunting. An absolute recommendation to all those busy people out there who need a helping hand to find their perfect home in Paris.


I am very glad I chose to work with you for my relocation ! Overall, I really appreciate the work you have done for me on this project! I know that a lot of things making it take so long have been either my own fault or the fault of slow bureaucracy, but you have kept on top of things very well. Navigating all of the different offices and requirements would have been impossible without your hels.


Today, you can get the same results.

In the next month, I will help only 5 expats, individually, with their relocation project in Paris. If you want to be part of it, don’t put it off, I won’t take more than 5 students at a time for now.

What you’ll discover in the Private Coaching Renting Program :

  • Draw up your home 

To find your ideal place, you have to know what you want and what’s out there.

In this session, you’ll go from a confused home picture to a clear vision of the happy place that fits your needs.

  • Test your project and outshine competitor tenants

If you’re searching for what you can’t get, you’re wasting your time.

In this session, you’ll learn what your budget can cover and how to stand out from competition as a future tenant.

  • Hit the Paris streets, the effective way

To avoid exhaustion you need a strategy.

In this session, you’ll learn where to search according to your personal criteria and how to select ads quickly to avoid disappointing visits.

  • Show them the money (but not all of it) !

If you don’t have a bank account in France, you wont go far.

In this session, you’ll learn how to select your bank and what you’re expected to pay when you rent in Paris.

  • Become a rental pro and avoid funny business 

To make smart decisions and cover yourself, you need to understand what to check.

In this session, you’ll learn the essentials about the rental contract, the walkthrough and utilities set up.

What is included in the Your Private Coaching Renting Program ?

  • 5 x 1 hour private coaching sessions (on a period of 1 month max)
  • The road map to your Paris home
  • My email for questions (answers in 48H max) during the coaching program and an extra 15 days following our 5th session
  • Bonus 1 = Check lists, cheat sheets for a top efficiency, templates to save time, word for word scripts to say it in French
  • Bonus 2 = Get 2 free quotes for your mandatory home insurance from my insurance broker partner
  • Relocation tips to navigate through the rental process the smart way
  • 10 Paris Expat Essentials You’ll be sorry you ignored Ebook (for a taste of Parisian lifestyle)

We can start the first 2 sessions before you arrive to save you time and money on temporary housing fees. Once you’re in Paris, we can move on quickly with the last 3 sessions.


Is this coaching program for you ?

This is not a magic wand solution. This program is for you if you’re willing to do the work after each session. This way, you’ll have someone by your side while you implement what you learn.

If you are ready to take action, hop on the program ! You’ll see your project progress after each session and you’ll have my full support the whole time.

If you feel that it’s too much to handle, check out the VIP relocation program to get it all done for you. 

One more thing : this program requires that you (or your spouse) are an employee in a company based in France, with a long term contract (CDI) without probation period (sans période d’essai). If you have a CDI with probation period or a short term contract (CDD), make sure you have a guarantor in France with sufficient revenues.


What nobody tells you when you relocate to Paris

You probably went on expat sites, bought guides on Paris or asked friends for tips and advice. Perhaps you found some answers here and there.

But did you get the full picture ? Did you get the answers you were really looking for ? 

And why not ?  

Because you have a unique professional and private situation, you have unique personal home criteria and you have a unique budget.

The truth is that you get a flow of information from people’s experiences or general advice but none that applies exactly to YOU. 

The result ? Confusion, overwhelm, stress.

Doing it alone is tough. You won’t regret having invested in a smooth move to your Parisian nest.


How much does it cost ?

My one-to-one relocation coaching program costs 1000 Euros HT (1200 Euros TTC, all tax included). It might seem a lot but it won’t cost you as much as you’ll save.

You’ll save stress from the guessing work you won’t do. You’ll save time by not wondering where to start and running in all directions.

You’ll save on the mistakes that you’ll make if you do it by yourself. Some of my clients already live in Paris but ask for my help after having been ill advised or unsatisfied by unadapted relocation services. What it means down the line ? Extra moving fees, extra hassle and starting over the whole process.

Each country has its rules and process. You can’t master that in a couple of weeks, in a foreign language.

With me, you’ll get adapted, personalized advice, you’ll get a clear road-map and you’ll get actionable steps throughout your move to Paris. You’ll learn what to do and when to do it, and get support while you do it. You’ll get it right, the first-time around. I’m available for questions and advice the whole time.

Not entirely sure ? Take a trial test

If you want to make sure the coaching program is for you, try the first session with me.

If you want to stop before session 2 for whatever reason, just send me an email and you’ll get a full refund.

Relocation peak season is coming up so don’t make a last minute decision! Give yourself the best chances for a success now. Get your private coaching program today to boost your move to Paris immediately.

You want to discuss it with me first ?

No problem ! Send me a mail [email protected] and we can talk about it through skype. You’ll have all the details to make an informed decision.


How does it work ?

You order your one-to-one coaching program.

Within 24 hours, I send you a questionnaire – to complete and email back to me- to help me understand your personal situation and needs.

We set a date at your convenience for the start of the coaching program and the following sessions.

I call you by skype and explain how what to do step by step.

If you have a question, you send me an email at [email protected]

The payment is secured by Stripe, one of the leading payment platforms. It’s really simple. Just click on the order button below.

I’m only taking 5 students for now.

You’re 100% free but you might not get this opportunity next month. As soon as the spots are sold, I will take off the order button. No pressure but I wanted to let you know.

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side !