There’s only so much you can do.

Do you have to take French classes too ? Isn’t moving to Paris stressful enough ? 

If you’re struggling with French vocabulary words for your home hunting in Paris, stop Google translate right now !

Focus on the right French vocabulary terms for your home search in Paris. Learn just the vocabulary and expressions you need to master once and for all for your apartment search. Don’t worry ! I’ve selected only the most used French terms and have added the translation to make it easy. You can grab full vocabulary list below !

In this video, I’ll show you exactly what French terms to focus on in the rental ad so you can be more effective in your search and select faster. This is the method I use for all my clients as a home hunter, and now it’s your turn to use it.

Now let’s take a precise example of an ad online, and see what those French terms are exactly.


Your turn !

Remember : if you want to select homes online faster, without being fluent in French :

  • look at the general information first

Are you in the right section ? renting or buying ? apartment or house ? what is the neighborhood ? what price range ?

  • go deeper into details and see if it fits with your personal criteria

On what floor level ? what number of rooms ? of bedrooms ? and home features

  • look at the general description  and analyse expressions which can give you extra data on the home  and surroundings.

So tell me, what French vocabulary words or expressions did you find in your home hunting and are you trying to figure out? Comment below.

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