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Who are these services for ?

« Desperately seeking my apartment in Paris » , is that you? Whether you’re already living in Paris or coming from another French city or from abroad is not so important. As a Mom (with a huge M), what you care about is simple: find your family home to live like a Parisian but only with the plus side – extra square meters, the luxury of an outdoor space, surrounding parks for a healthier way of life and close to international/bilingual schools and cultural/sports activities … In a nutshell, you want « La vie en rose à Paris with your family » !


First steps in searching for my apartment in Paris or a SuperMom’s experience

As most moms invested in their searching mission for a new house or flat, you’ve been through a flow of on-line ads which have made you drift from one arrondissement (district) to another and from one suburb to another without knowing anything about the neighborhood you would end up in…But as a motivated Mom (and ready to overcome any obstacle for your family), you put on your SuperMom suit and a few weeks later, here’s what the situation looks like :

  • Your mail box is bursting with an overflow of ad alerts you don’t even have time to open…
  • You are sacrificing every lunch-time and weekend to visits and your agenda has a life of its own…
  • Your boss gives you the assassin’s look each time you put on your coat and doesn’t want to hear one more word about your apartment searching problems…
  • You finally did find an interesting add but someone was more reactive…and you have to start from scratch, again…
  • You found the perfect home but you’ll have to forget about 2 major criteria : your children’s education and a good neighborhood…
  • You have found a real gem but you can’t help but think that there might be something fishy about it…
  • You’ve searched and searched, are exhausted and about to give up the whole thing !

OK, is any of this familiar ? Then it’s high time to boost your project to get it on track and happening ! Many property purchasing or rental projects don’t see the light of day due to a lack of time and method. You’re probably realizing that now (even if you are the SuperMom that you are…). So are you ready to give your family the happy Paris experience they deserve and make the right choices on the long term ?


Finding my apartment in Paris: the « Home at last » Method

To hunt down your perfect family home in the Paris area successfully, it’s important to identify your priorities in terms of expectations, to be familiar with the Paris real estate market, to be informed on the purchasing or rental processes, be aware of the possible mistakes to avoid them and enquire about the environment of your future home sweet home ! You are going to invest for months and probably for years, isn’t it worthwhile to make sure that you’ve chosen the best in terms of residence and area for your family ? And isn’t it a shame to ask yourself this question once you’ve committed yourself to a property purchase or even a lease ?

In order to master all these aspects and make good long term choices, being a SuperMom isn’t quite enough! You’ll need an expert (who’s been there herself) who combed through the western Paris area and will guide you to family-friendly neighborhoods, will do the searching for you and accompany you through the complete purchasing or rental process.


The “Home at last” Method guides you through 3 different programs.
Choose the one that’s best for you !

Happy Place

 A full picture to choose better

Is living in Paris in a good environment on your agenda ?

Discover the family friendly neighborhoods before home searching and open up your options. We’ll find for you and assist you all the way !

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Happy Place Plus

Feel good in your neighborhood

Need a specific school right around the corner ?

Spot the neighborhood with the right school and you won’t want to leave ! We’ll assist you in your school enrollment.

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Happy Place VIP

You’re all set, welcome home !

Do you want to experience a smooth Paris transition with your family ?

We’ll take care of everything from A to Z up to the signature and organize household utilities accounts before you move in. Bienvenue in Paris!

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