You didn’t think it was going to be that hard.

No apartment, no friends, a language your ears can’t process…Paris feels like Mars.

The “City of lights” they say. Pretty dark where you’re at right now…How are you EVER going to call this city Home? And, that little voice nagging you : “Why did I leaaaaaave”?

Don’t do this to yourself. You have nothing to do with this.

So, now what ? How can you overcome change and start rebuilding your new sweet Home ?

Change doesn’t have to be struggle. Au contraire ! With the right preparation and tools, you’ll create that homey feel in your next Paris residence, easy-peasy. Download your free “Exercice ebook” below to implement these 3 steps. When we’re done, you’ll know exactly what kind of home you should be looking for in your new city: Paris.


Fear of change is a human survival instinct. You need your comfort zone.

Why ?

To feel in control.

When change hits, you can either see it as negative or as positive.

When change is a pain, you go through stages similar to the grieving process. The Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross defined them as being denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

When change is a gain, you’ll also go through an emotional rollercoaster cycle that reflects how you adjust from an over-optimistic-view, the “Honey-moon period” to tough reality.

Yep ! Either way, you’re going to get that bottom-of-the-cycle feeling. But not to worry! Knowing this will already get you on the right track. Just follow these 3 steps to start rebuilding your life and new Home in Paris.

Step 1 : Sweet home-goodbyes

You’ve decided to leave and you’re already planning, organizing, check-listing, labeling anything within your reach and still looking for loose-ends. Heck, you’d even ship your kids with the rest of your boxes to get this taken care of !

Pace yourself.

Look at this period as a Marathon rather than 100m race you’re trying to win over Usain Bolt.

Take the time to live your move to make a smooth landing Click To Tweet

  • Take time to rest, eat well, go out, do the things you love with your kids
  • Make your departure official to your friends, and to yourself …
  • Ask friends and family for help and get to spend extra time with them
  • Throw a going away party to mile stone this event positively and better “process” the separation later
  • Be patient, and listen to the feelings you’re going through (especially your kids’)
  • Find ways of dealing with these feelings 

No matter how prepared you are, your first weeks in Paris will be a little bumpy. You’ll feel like you’re starting from scratch but you’re not. You’re transitioning.

Don’t resist change, go with the flow Click To Tweet

  • Let go and stay open-minded
  • Don’t over think decisions – you’ll never be fully ready (no one is)
  • Face your fear
  • Trust yourself, you’ll make it work
  • Focus on opportunities rather than difficulties

Step 2 : Home Sweet Home exploration

As you’re testing and exploring your new life in Paris, you’ll need all the help you can get. One of the best resources is…Yourself !

Connect with what makes sense to you, with what resonates in you and with what you want, deeply. Your Inner Home is the pillar that will support you, wherever you go.

I know how hard it is at first to answer “Where’s Home ? Where am I from ?” But deep down, you know the answer.

“Home” is

  • the Home that you carry with you
  • the Home that grows with you
  • the Home that is rich with your cultural experiences
  • Home includes your values
  • Home includes your needs
  • Home includes your life objectives

Remain grounded, true to your inner Home Click To TweetGo back to this Inner Home and you’ll feel all the comfort, security and fulfillment a Home does.

Step 3 : Rebuild your nest in Paris

Now change is starting to be fun ! You’re creating your new family life in Paris and laying the foundations: your Home.

What’s the difference between a house and a Home ?

Home is where you feel you belong. Click To TweetIt’s not just about housing and apartment amenities but also about the neighborhood and how you match with it.

To get it right, you need to make sure your new residence and local lifestyle are in line with your Inner Home needs and objectives.

Makes sense, right ?

Home : List what your family needs to live comfortably in respect of all family members, keeping in mind the real estate market prices of course !

Environment : List what this new home will ideally enable you to do. Don’t forget to widen your horizons.

Any chills left for your next move to Paris ? If there are, you know it’s normal.

Say “Bienvenue” to this change because wonderful opportunities are opening up for you : you’re not moving away, you’re moving on.

Your turn !

To help you through these 3 steps, make sure you

  • Download & complete the exercise-book for more clarity on your future Paris Home
  • Use this exercice e-book next time you move
  • And tell me in the comments below : what tip will you apply today ?