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Hey ! I'm Camelia

Bienvenue in Paris !

Paris is a wonderful place to live in ! Well, once you find a place…

Because real estate is tight and the housing demand huge, finding a home in Paris to rent or buy a home becomes a full time job.

How can I help ? Well, by keeping you informed on the ever changing laws, by advising you on the rental or buying process or by taking in charge your whole project for you. Start by subscribing to my FREE newsletter below !

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Great expectations

Your expectations, as an expat, are even higher than a local’s.

It’s natural ! Your whole world has changed and you need to create your familiar space again- this time in Paris. More than a roof over your head, you need to find a place that fits your personality, lifestyle and budget from the start.

What it takes to get there…

a large pinch of PRE-PA-RA-TION.

Before you dive into online ads, take some time to know where you’re landing or get professional help.

Do you know what you’re looking for ? Are you familiar with the French rental or purchasing process ? Did you browse through the neighborhoods you’re targeting ? Did you read thoroughly the wonderful ad you found ? Are you paying the right price price for it ?

These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself or your experience will rapidly turn into bitter disappointment or even remorse.

Your guide in the Parisian real estate jungle …

I lived abroad too, for 20 years, before arriving to Paris. I wanted a special place, in a neighborhood where I could feel safe, comfortable and start a new chapter of my life. And what do you know ! This adventure lead me precisely to my present activity. I knew there were other people struggling to find their Happy Place in Paris and I wanted to help. Now, after having obtained my professional license, I love sharing with expats my services dedicated to families settling down in Paris in the best environment in terms of schools (international, bilingual and French), parks, sports and cultural activities. 

Do you have a special project ? Tell me all about it !