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Within one month, we were able to settle in our new Paris home thanks to Camelia's help.

What a journey ! Within one intensive month, from the US, all details had been taken care of when she welcomed us at our new address directly from the airport. Before our arrival, she assisted us in choosing and securing our apartment as well as in moving through the French rental process which was new to us. She also handled all the paperwork so that our home would be operational from day 1. This left us plenty of time to explore Paris once there, avoided us a lot of stress from handling a tedious and unfamiliar process by ourselves in a foreign language and saved us temporary housing expenses in doing so.

Shellie, USA

Camélia, you made this experience feel so good. All problems were handled and perfectly solved.

I live in the USA, but I am French, and I was dreaming to have my own little nest in Paris. Once this dream place bought, I found myself stuck in the USA, and had no way to monitor the transition, dealing with the seller, and all the administrative and practical aspects involved when you buy a new apartment. Camelia Pierre has been the angel overlooking over the whole transition period. She always found the time and the availability to solve problems with an unchanging kindness and reliability. When I arrived in Paris, here she was to open the door, and I discovered my home clean and ready, with some complimentary lovely roses, on top of all the good things she had done before, with her beautiful eyes and her lovely smile.Thank you Camélia

Adelaide, USA