Paris neighborhoods 101


Make home and neighborhood choices that work

No more second guessing


Can I afford to live in Paris with my family ? What are the best neighborhoods to live in with kids ? 

Is there something I haven’t considered ?

We all have loads of questions running around our head when it comes to finding a new home. And you should too, because you’re not just paying for a baguette… So what sets “home sweet home families” apart from those filled with regret ? Well, it’s what you do about with these interrogations…


Why picking the right Paris neighborhood is so important

When you don’t really pay attention to your home environment, what happens ?

You settle down in a Paris district you’ve heard about or think will work until you end up moving because it just doesn’t fit : it’s too far, too busy, too expensive, too quiet, not safe enough…

How can you avoid wasting your time, effort and money ?

Don’t rush into a decision blind folded and find the Paris neighborhoods that best suit you.


Getting started…

Paris neighborhood prices

What housing expenses should you expect for your family in Paris ? Get the latest market figures in our  infographics on rental or property prices right here.

Inner Paris or Paris suburbs ?

If you’ve limited your search to Paris 20 arrondissements, learn why you should definitely consider other Paris neighborhoods.

Schools in Paris neighborhoods

You want to learn more about schools BEFORE you decide where you’ll live ? Find out what your options are in the Paris region and lear about educational systems, grade equivalences and their expectations.

YOUR home in the Paris area, is that possible ?

Creating that Homey feeling takes a while. But there are tools to get there faster and help you find the place that will fit with YOUR family needs and aspirations.

And there’s more to come…

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