Our fees

Property hunting fees

Prior to the search itself, it is necessary to proceed to the analysis of your project.

Properties for acquisition are either sold without intermediary (sold directly by the private owner) or with intermediary (sold by a real estate agent). Most home hunters receive higher fees if the home is found without intermediary. We DO NOT because we believe that hiring a home hunter should not be a luxury.

Moreover, as an online real estate agency, our structural fees are reduced. Consequently, we are able to offer the market’s most competitive rates. 

Our buying agent fees indicated below are expressed in % all tax included (20% VAT) of the selling price, agency fees included, notary fees excluded. They are payed by the buyer.

Selling price (Euros), Agency fees included,
Notary fees excluded
Home hunting fees (Euros)
Below 450 0007 500
450 001 to 800 0002%
800 001 and up1,50%

Minimum invoicing for searching: 7 500 € VAT Included.

Property selling fees

Our real estate agent fees indicated below are expressed in % all tax included (20% VAT) of the selling price, notary fees excluded.

Selling Price (Euros), Notary Fees excludedSelling agent fees (Euros)
Below 100 0009%
100 001 to 250 0005,80%
250 001 to 450 0005,25%
450 001 to 600 0004,50%
600 001 to 800 0003,80%
800 001 to 1 200 0003,25%
1 200 001 and up3,00%

Minimum invoicing for selling : 5 000 € VAT Included.

The guarantee

The payment of our fees is requested only if we are successful in the mission you entrusted us with : find or sell your home.

Our fees are due on the day of the signature of the deed of sale, at the notary’s office.


Our three Happy programs include services corresponding to the needs of expat families and are subject to a quote. For more information on our fees, please don’t hesitate to ask for your free kick-off session to get your project on track !


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