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Feel good in your neighborhood !

Need a specific school right around the corner ?

Spot the neighborhood with the right school and you won't want to leave ! I even assist you in school enrollment

At home in Paris: how to get there

As a former expat, I know that whether you’re planning to buy or rent out your future Paris home, relocating with your family is not a minor experience.

If you’re considering applying for an international or bilingual school for your children in Paris, you’ll need to know where they are located to include this criteria into the home searching. Getting assistance in your children’s school enrollment will help you find a smooth transition to your new Paris life. Settling down takes time… Make it a successful experience for the whole family and get a head start in feeling at home in Paris. The Paris Art de vivre has so much to offer !


This home finding program is for you if

  • Your priority is to provide a safe and mellow lifestyle for your family in the Paris area
  • You long for your home sweet home in Paris experience
  • You wish to know all about educational options for your children and want to entrust us with registration applications
  • You need assistance the help of a real estate professional dedicated to the buyer or leaseholder who will handle your complete project
  • You are curious, open-minded and ready to discover neighborhoods different from the classic urban Paris

This pack includes

  • A study of your project
  • Establishing your specifications according to your personal needs
  • The home search (purchase or rental)
    • Prospecting our network (agencies, individuals, notaries..)
    • Selecting properties according to your personal criteria
    • Pre-visiting selected estates (purchasing)
    • Presenting you the selected estates
  • Reporting after each visit (purchasing)
  • Collecting and communicating key documents for your decision making (purchasing)
  • Negotiating
  • Assistance in the “état des lieux” (rental)
  • Assistance in home insurance process (rental)
  • Support in the administrative process up to the signing of deed of sale at the notary’s or up to the lease
  • Presentation of school systems and assistance in registration applications

Your privileges

By subscribing to the Happy Place Plus pack, you’ll benefit from

  • A reservation service to a temporary residence prior to your rental or purchase to reduce housing expenses
  • Ready to grab solutions to build your project : find a notary, find a loan with the best financial conditions, find a certified architect for your renovation work or interior design needs.

At the end of this program, you will leave with 

  • An overview of the family friendly-neighborhoods
  • The satisfaction of having chosen where to live in Paris instead of enduring your environment or settling for it.
  • The joy of spending your time as you please while the searching, selecting and visiting is handled for you.
  • The peace of mind of having a real estate professional by your side during your purchasing or rental project.
  • A clear view of schooling options in the Paris area for your children
  • Greater confidence in your new start in Paris : shift from the” I’m lost” feeling to “I want to discover so much today”!

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