feel good in your neighborhood

Happy Place Plus

Feel good in your neighborhood !

Need a specific school right around the corner ?

Spot the neighborhood with the right school and you won't want to leave ! I even assist you in school enrollment

This pack includes

  • A study of your project
  • Establishing your specifications according to your personal needs
  • Building your tenant dossier according to your profile
  • The home search
    • Prospecting our network
    • Selecting properties according to your personal criteria
    • Presenting you the selected estates
  • Making the reservation of the chosen home
  • Assistance in the “état des lieux” of entry
  • Assistance in home insurance process
  • Presentation of school systems and assistance in registration applications

Your privileges

By subscribing to the Happy Place Plus pack, you’ll benefit from

  • A reservation service to a temporary residence prior to your rental or purchase to reduce housing expenses
  • Ready to grab solutions to build your project : find a notary, find a loan with the best financial conditions, find a certified architect for your renovation work or interior design needs.

At the end of this program, you will leave with 

  • An overview of the neighborhoods matching your criteria and budget
  • The satisfaction of having chosen where to live in Paris instead of settling for it.
  • The joy of spending your time as you please while the searching and selecting is handled for you.
  • The peace of mind of having a real estate professional by your side during the rental process.
  • A clear knowledge of schooling options in the Paris area for your children

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