Happy Place VIP

You’re all set, welcome home !

Do you want to make your moving to Paris experience plain simple ?

I’ll take care of everything up to organizing your household utilities accounts before you move in. Bienvenue in Paris !

Moving to Paris : we’ll handle your project from A to Z !

Do you want to find your perfect family home but have neither the time nor the energy ? Put an end to your SuperMom guilt syndrome and take a deep breath ! Once you’ve told us what you need, we’ll do the searching, selecting and visiting and assist you all along the purchasing or rental process. What’s next ? While you’ll be running around locating the trendiest boutiques, we’ll be getting your future home ready before your arrival : you’ll be able to switch on the lights, the heating system, get running water and connect to Internet before the delivery of your personal items. You’re all set, enjoy !


This home finding program is for you if 

  • Your priority is to provide a safe and mellow lifestyle for your family moving to Paris
  • You want to make your relocation to Paris a success
  • You are curious, open-minded and ready to discover neighborhoods different from the classic urban Paris
  • You need the help of a real estate professional dedicated to the buyer or leaseholder who will handle your complete project
  • Subscribing to household utilities is one more hassle you don’t want to handle


This pack includes

  • A study of your project
  • An exploration of the Paris area 
  • Establishing your specifications according to your personal needs
  • The home search (purchase or rental)
    • Prospecting our network (agencies, individuals, notaries..)
    • Selecting properties according to your personal criteria
    • Pre-visiting selected estates (purchasing)
    • Presenting you the selected estates
  • Reporting after each visit (purchasing)
  • Collecting and communicating key documents for your decision making (purchasing)
  • Negotiating
  • Assistance in the “état des lieux”
  • Assistance in the home insurance process
  • Support in the administrative process up to the signing of deed of sale at the notary’s or up to the lease
  • Oganization of household utilities accounts (electricity, gas, water, Internet)

Your privileges

By subscribing to the Happy Place VIP pack, you’ll benefit from :

  • A reservation service to a temporary residence prior to your rental or purchase to reduce housing expenses
  • Ready to grab solutions to build your project : find a notary, find a loan with the best financial conditions, find a certified architect for your renovation work or interior design needs.

At the end of this program, you will leave with

  • An overview of the family friendly-neighborhoods
  • The joy of spending your time as you please while the searching, selecting and visiting is handled for you.
  • The peace of mind of having a real estate professional by your side during your purchasing or rental project.
  • The pleasure of arriving in a home with heating, light and internet connection before your arrival
  • Loads of stress off your back to focus on your priority : your family !

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