Knock Knock...Who's there ?

Hey ! I'm Camelia PIERRE

After a 15-year experience in Marketing (mainly in 2 international groups), my demanding job left little time for my family life. I then decided to work differently and started my own company in what I am passionate about: homes.

I’ve been there…

Before arriving to Paris, I lived in various countries for 20 years (Algiers, London, Washington DC, New York) and had to adapt each time to a new environment and culture. As an expat, my new address was all the more important as it meant «Home». So when I first began searching for my first apartment in the Paris area, I wasn’t just looking for housing but that very special place in the right neighborhood where I could feel safe, comfortable and content.

A home and Paris “Art de vivre” hunter for your family…

Although I did speak French, finding the ideal residence in a family oriented area was challenging and assistance would have been precious at the time. As most people, I visited a lot of apartments without really knowing where to search, what to look out for or how it all worked. Eventually, I made it through the flow of on-line ads and disappointing visits to find the perfect nest for my growing family. I renewed the property search adventure several times over the years as my family got larger. This experience gave me a good overview of the Paris real estate market but more importantly, urged me, as a concerned mom, to find the best environment in terms of schools (international, bilingual and French), parks, sports and cultural activities for my family and me.

Later, when I decided to make my business out this experience, I got training in real estate, obtained my professional license and now love sharing with expats my services dedicated to families settling down in Paris.

If you want to stop wasting your time and make the right choices for your family, I’ll be happy to guide you in finding your ideal home (rental or purchasing) and help you discover the Paris Art de Vivre.

With my assistance, you will quickly get a good picture of the family friendly neighborhoods in the Paris area, make the right choice for your family because you will have anticipated their needs and will find that special home without doing the searching yourself!  We can even help you settle in…The only thing you will need to do is enjoy your stay…

Isn’t your family’s well being worth it ?

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